BREAKING: CEQ Releases Final GHG Guidance

The White House Council on Environmental Quality has published its final, amended guidance on greenhouse gas emissions in NEPA analyses proposed in December 2014.

The final amended guidance can be found here.  We will be posting a full analysis later this week.  For now it suffices to point out that the amended final has dropped all mention of a 25,000 metric ton threshold for treating GHG emissions in NEPA documents.  It has also shifted much of the guidance’s content to informational discussions and to the centrality of adaptation to climate change (as opposed to mitigation) in the average NEPA document.  Check back for our post soon!

I teach environmental, natural resources, and administrative law at Penn State Law. Before teaching I was an enforcement lawyer at U.S. EPA. Along the way I've done work for environmental nonprofits and written a fair bit about NEPA.
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