A Nuclear NEPA?

When the NRC Doesn't Go Far Enough

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is in the process of updating its approach to “station blackout” risks at US installations.  These are the risks that stem from the loss of all A/C power on-site, e.g., the loss of a station’s primary cooling capacities as most US facilities have been designed.  In the wake of the 2011 tragedy in Japan and its multiple core melts at Fukushima, NRC was forced to take a fresh look at the risks of “station blackout” (and, thus, the risks of core melt events).  Has NRC prepared a NEPA document of any kind?

I teach environmental, natural resources, and administrative law at Penn State Law. Before teaching I was an enforcement lawyer at U.S. EPA. Along the way I've done work for environmental nonprofits and written a fair bit about NEPA.
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