CEQ Watch

The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), technically an office within the “Executive Office of the President,” was long housed diagonally across the street and around Lafayette Square from the White House in a big old brownstone (on Jackson Place).  As we noted in a post in February 2017 shortly after CEQ was moved, those digs are history.  Here we collect some of the Lab’s posts about CEQ and its doings.

Making NEPA More Strategic  12.14800px-730JacksonPlace

A recent Memorandum to general counsels and NEPA liaisons on the practice of tiering and the use of “programmatic” NEPA documents as wholesale environmental impacts analysis.

Climate Change in NEPA: What to Do About It?   8.14

CEQ has grappled unsuccessfully since at least 1997 to find the right way that greenhouse gas emissions should factor into the average NEPA document/routine.  A first post introduces the 2010 draft guidance that was shelved.  A second post suggests an alternative approach rooted in the more strategic use of NEPA to generate alternatives and options to GHG-intensive policies at wholesale.


Our editor Jamison Colburn offered comments on the latest attempt by CEQ to integrate the consideration of greenhouse gas emissions in the typical impact statement.  Available here: Comments on Draft CEQ GHG Guidance (2015)


NEPA by the Numbers

This page considers some of NEPA’s vital statistics and keeps tabs on some trends.